Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's in a name anyway?

Nicknames of co-workers past, present and long gone over the past 26 years:

Sideshow Bob, Buckethead, The Scummer, Bootie Lee, Kenny-Me, Mango, Joe Sandwich,
The Melted Candle, Z-Man, Big Al, Mazy Bin Lazy, Nuh, Gonorrhea Maria, Brother Love,
Uncle Douche Bag, Bo Weevil, Jazz, Mike the Broom, Bin Bitch, Sponge Bob,
Snook Doggy Dog, Don Nuara, Phil the Rat , Friar Tuck , Big Game James, Bean, Paint Chips,
Bi-Curious George, Puffy, Stewie, Benny the Brush, Gay Ray, The Vine Man, Big Momma,
Psycho Babbler, Mel the Southern Belle, The Honky Tonk Man, Sky Pilot, The Weasel,
Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, Super Stoned Super Sugar Bear, The Hard Charger,
Kaputsky, Mo-Mo, Patty Cakes, Bwana, Rocky, Johnny the Boy,  Big Daddy, The Muk,
Yay Yay, Prozac Jack, The Ayatollah, Big John, Schmitty, The Mayonnaise Farmer, Bigfoot
The Hunchback, Sh*tty, Hippie Jimmy, T, V-Mack, The Sea Hag, Jersey Joe, The Princess,
Twitchy Mike, Barbarino, Skeeza, Yum Yum, Mel The Indian, The Gab Man, Reverend Ike,
Duffy, Buzzy, Big Wave Dave, Ronnie Rotten, Carp C*nt, Skippy Gingivitis, The Gooms, Safety Cindy,

Deadwood Kuzma, Sarge, Elvis, Man Hands, Ku Klux Fran, Coffee, Rondella, Old Fred, Squeaky Larry, Lambchops, Mrs. Lambchops, The Wildebeest,

Soika's Sister, Doodley, Robert Goulet, Coconut Head, Morrie, Toothless Tierney, Lou The Mo,

Fishead Jerry, Dee Snyder, Joe the Marine, Biker Bill, Oscar The Drunk, Otis,

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  1. Oh god this is brilliant! So many images and questions now racing through my mind...