Monday, May 13, 2013

Portrait of a Right Wing Kook/Civil Servant

Hello yeah it's been awhile not much how 'bout you....

Wait, isn't that a dreadful line from a dreadful 70's tune?  Nevermind.

I'm going to share a story with you about a co-worker of mine.  I'm a civil servant.  I work for an unnamed United States Government Agency.  My co-worker, A.A (let's just call him "Anthony"), believes that the vapor trails emitted from jets flying overhead is a government conspiracy to make people sick.  But the government conspiracy gets deeeper folks, and I'm here to tell you why:

 I am firmly convinced that my unnamed government agency was created to keep people like "Anthony" away from the public at least 40 hours a week and off of the streets to give them something "productive" to do. It's equally disturbing to note that "Anthony" spent 20-25 years in the Navy (I guess they kept him out at sea to keep him away from the public a lot that way).  He's your garden variety Christian right wing conspiracy kook.  He believes homosexuality is a choice AND a one way ticket to hell and he also believes labor organizations are just scams to collect money to contribute to "liberal political candidates so they can push their agenda on Americans".  Recently there has been much ado about downsizing my Agency.  As Americans I hope you all pray that we are not downsized because your certainly don't want "Anthony" out and about on the streets 40 hours a week now do you?

I did find a cool article debunking "Anthony's" vapor trail theory, you can read it here.

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  1. I think you might be onto something with your theory - it could explain a lot about the UK Civil Service too...